19 September 2011

"Stupidity" the movie

The root word stupid, which can serve as an adjective or noun, comes from the Latin verb stupere, for being numb or astonished, and is related to stupor: in Roman culture, 'the stupidus of the mimes' was a sort of 'professional buffoon - the "fall-man", the eternal he-who-gets-kicked'.  According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, the words "stupid" and "stupidity" entered the English language in 1541
This is a 2003 movie with a 67% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.   Here's the IMDb link.  I've only watched the first few minutes, so I can't vouch for its content; posted for future viewing.


  1. "Subscribe to my channel for more good video's."

    I don't suppose that's an ironic apostrophe?

  2. Very, very mixed content, with generally poor results.

    The etymology was interesting, and the history of social medical views on mental deficiency was worthwhile.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the film was a running demonstration of the availability heuristic, via hard left elitist douchebags like Bill Maher, Michael Moore, et al, commenting on what a bunch of suckers everyone is.

    Considering the heavily leftist bent of the cast, the director dedicated an inordinately large segment of the movie to poke fun at the intellect of GW Bush, as if this were a feat. It's just tiresome and trite.

    They roll moral shortcomings, reckless behavior, accidents, and voyeuristic schadenfreude into one bundle of "stupidity", with no attempt to analyze each as a separate phenomenon.

    I guess if you enjoy watching other people suck while pining over the decay of intellectual tradition (from which you of course are exempt) then this is the movie for you.

    Never mind that the vast majority of people get through each day just fine without doing anything YouTube worthy.

  3. Thanks, 032125, for the summary.

    What it sounds like you're saying is that the person watching "stupidity the movie" is no better than the person mocked in the movie for enjoying watching stupid things.

    A bit of irony there.


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