24 September 2011

Nationwide "nerd search" underway

As reported at Scientific American:
The latest in a series of castings I’ve seen this fall is a new competition-style game show that claims to define a new generation of nerdiness. ‘KING OF THE NERDS’ will aim to showcase the scientific passions and knowledge of contestants (men AND women) as they compete for cash prizes. The show comes from the producers of some massively successful game-show formats like Mythbusters and Amazing Race...

The show is looking for mathematicians, biologists, chemists, physicists, programmers, inventors, puzzle-masters, engineers, gamers, comic book fanatics, movie buffs, trekkies, techies, mensa members, chess masters and any other kind of intellectual-based geeks for contestants.  If you are a contender you’ll be asked to submit an audition video, and from there if you are selected you’ll be flown to LA to participate in the game (the search is nationwide).
It sounds like they want to emulate the outstanding UK program "Mastermind."

1 comment:

  1. Yes, this is all USA TV does anymore. Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of ideas.
    May I submit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_television_series_based_on_British_television_series
    There are only 36 plots(suprised nobody patented this formula). How long did Hollywood think the gravy train would last?
    The greatest shame for Hollywood is the current failures of comic based movies. Why? Because unlike regular production, comics are story-boarded to the max and they still somehow screw it up (with only a handful of exceptions...)
    Thanks to the internet, musicians now are finally getting sued for stealing diddles they 'discover' or 'were inspired by' while on tour... and it's about time.
    Seriously, though. How does any of this crap generate money. Is not going outside and living enough??? (the irony of typing this question while I sit here just struck me...) Hey, I am going outside now! Get up and live your own life before its too late!


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