29 September 2011

The "Jayne Austen Book & Gun Club"

People having fun in a parade.

From Pages in Courier, via Look, even Ben's dancing!, via A Cream Tea and Loaded Mashed Potatoes, via My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning.*

*(tumblrs tend to have such interesting names...)

Addendum:  Spellwight identified the paraders as participants in Dragon*Con.


  1. This picture was taken at Dragon*Con. They always have a parade of costumed attendees through downtown Atlanta. Those are Jane hats from Firefly.

  2. Thanks, spellwight; I've added your info to the post.

  3. Also note the name "Jayne" is also a character on Firefly. Those people are wearing "Jayne" hats, as Spellwight has noted.

  4. thank you, spellwight. I was wondering about the hats.

  5. I only discovered this photo today and I'm already in love.


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