27 September 2011

Every picture tells a story

You will of course have noticed the piano bench embedded in the ceiling.

Frat party?  Tornado?  Vandalism?

None of the above.  The answer is at the Telegraph.

Photo credit Julio Cortez.


  1. Actually, that's not a chair, it's a piano bench whose hinged top has popped open due to gravity.

  2. Kinda looks like my house on a regular day. Oops! Didn't mean to say that.

    This photo is a good reminder of how often we forget the sheer power of nature.

  3. Will you share what happened in the comments? The link is unavailable now and I'm vry curious!

  4. The link is working when I tried it now this morning, but just in case it does die, here is the caption from The Telegraph:

    A piano chair hangs from the ceiling in the home of Martha Gordon as she looks through her home in Wayne, New Jersey, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. The chair, which was on top of a piano, was lodged into the ceiling when the Ramapo River crested, sending floodwaters into her home. Gordon, who has lived at the house for 50 years, says she has given up and will be tearing the house down and moving to Maine.


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