22 February 2009

When you go out the door, watch that first step

It's a doozy. (link)

Update: Keotaman found the explanation (see comments with link).


  1. Bomb? Meteor? What caused it?

  2. It's not an impact crater. It's a "roof collapse" above either a natural cavern or an abandoned mine.

    There was no identifying data at the site where I found the picture, but I'm sure I've seen this elsewhere in the past. Perhaps some Googling would turn up an answer. (Also, I think there is now a picture-search site where you insert a picture and it searches the web for other publications of the same or similar pictures; I have no experience with doing that.)


  3. Good story here: http://www.zuzafun.com/big-hole-in-the-city#more-134

    An underground sewage flow from a ruptured main in Guatemala.


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