22 February 2009

If you have work to do, skip this blog entry

The picture above depicts a stapler. Don't click on the picture. Click on this hyperlink instead. Then click anywhere on your screen. And again...

I warned you. TYWKIWDBI, destroying worldwide productivity, one blogpost at a time.

Found at the legendary Bits and Pieces.


  1. hey buddy, thanks, I've been looking for a few different ways to procrastinate doing the laundry.

  2. It's amazing how muck people like to staple :)

  3. I wonder if this would be blocked by the filter at my school. Every day I have students who sit and staple, and staple, and staple. If I could point them to this instead, maybe they'd stop wasting my staples!

  4. Perhaps being an older person who lives in the cyberworld more than in the real world I've missed something. Students like to sit and staple all day? Are these special education students? Is it a new hobby/trend I've not heard about or just a passing craze???



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