25 February 2009

A Gallery of Medical Marijuana

Above are screenshots of Kush, Sour Diesel, and the generic "Purps" - three of a dozen selections offered in a Gallery of Medical Marijuana, along with brief commentary as to prices and the relative medical benefits of each variety. The latter include relief of glaucoma, stress, nausea, headache, pain, and as aromatherapy and for appetite stimulation.

The photo gallery is featured on the website of CNBC - the business channel on cable television. Why on a business channel? Because serious consideration is being given to fully legalizing marijuana in California, purely for economic reasons. There are reasonable estimates that sale of the product by the state, or taxation of private sales by the state, could generate a billion dollars or more to help relieve the current budgetary crisis.

TYWKIWDBI does not advocate the consumption of this product anywhere it is illegal. We present this as a public education service so that informed readers can be aware of the economic factors involved. Also, in case you encounter a cluster of these plants growing in a remote corner of your back yard, you will know to call a law enforcement officer so he can dispose of them in a proper fashion...


  1. All of these are 'overpriced for media sensation' by about 30-40%.

    The most I have paid is 350 for OG, and even in the movie 'Super High Me' in medical dispensaries none of these were over $400/oz

  2. In Southern California, I pay a steady 100 an ounce for pretty good, 150 for extra good.

  3. Yeah those prices are high, but geez, 150 an oz for headies? If I spent 150 here on the east coast.. well, it would be the farthest thing from "extra good".

  4. yeah, 100/oz for pretty good is total BS. I lived in San Diego until recently. I had a regular dude and would pay $420/oz for OG and like quality. Standard prices these days are $60/eighth for the good stuff. 100/oz is probably for Mexican bud, known derisively as "Mech" in SoCal to real smokers.


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