23 February 2009

Dying woman wants to look like Demi Moore

A woman with an inoperable brain tumour is spending £40,000 on plastic surgery – so she can die looking like movie star Demi Moore. Lisa Connell, 29, will use the money her mum Angela had saved up for Lisa’s wedding to pay for her new look.
“I’ve always dreamed of looking like Demi Moore and I’m determined that when I die I will,” she said.

Despite being a stunning brunette, Lisa has never been happy with her appearance and is convinced the surgery will make her look as beautiful as Demi...

In a race against time, Lisa will undergo liposuction, a breast enhancement and eyebrow lift, plus work on her skin and teeth to fulfil her dream.
It sounds like an Onion story, but sadly it's not. This attractive young woman probably has a body dysmorphism syndrome; I hope someone can counsel her appropriately.

(via - where else? - Nothing to do with Arbroath)


  1. It's so sad to want to die as someone else--to think you're not good enough for your own death.

  2. If you read her blog you will see she is quite upfront about what she wants and why....The media have spun this story for sure, she is actually a very level headed young woman. Go see for your self


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