26 February 2009

Infrared photography

Three examples from an album of 101 photos.


  1. very neat...but it should be noted that IR pictures come out monochrome (though not necessarily black and white) and these are almost certainly touched up.

    One of the neatest things with an IR camera is that certain things look almost exactly like they would in black and white, and certain things lose their color entirely (red food coloring becomes clear like water, for example)

  2. im quite certain that many of these are actually HDR photographs.


  3. This is well beyond my limited photo expertise, but re linty's coment, one of the sublinks did indicate that some color "information" can be obtained and used: "Your infrared images do not have to be monochromatic (like black/white or sepia). There is some color information in the image file, and while it has nothing to do with reality, it may be used to generate quite pleasing images. The easiest way to do that is to split your image into individual RGB components, adjust each separately, and then recombine them.'

    Also found this at another sublink: "You can turn any normal image into an infrared image through the power of software. There are a number of Photoshop actions and plug-ins as well as Lightroom develop presets to mimic the effects of infrared photography. You can also use these tools to enhance your own infrared shots, or create your own custom black & white conversions" Perhaps some of these use Photoshop layers to apply infrared appearance to selected elements in the composition?


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