24 February 2009

Does anyone know where this photo was taken?

I found this at one of the photoblogs that give neither primary sources or details about the image. (Click photo for fullscreen view)

It looks like a fjord rather than a mountain lake, but it's not one of the Norwegian fjords that I'm familiar with. Is it perhaps one of the New Zealand fjords? Or is it actually a lake in the Italian or Swiss Alps?

The image intrigues me because of the gradual upslope of that central peninsula; looks like a wonderful place for a hike. Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

Update: Identified as Lake Lucerne. Thanks.


  1. This is the lake of Lucerne in Switzerland. What you call a peninsula is the Mont Bürgenstock. The picture has probably be taken from the south part of the Mount Pilatus.

  2. Wow, I stayed in Lucerne, Switzerland about 5 years ago. What a wonderful country!

    The color of the water and scenery at Interlaken took the cake, though.


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