26 February 2009

Elongated skulls found in Siberia

A one-minute video showing skulls excavated near Omsk, Siberia. The skulls show prominent deformation that obviously was induced by skull clamping or binding of newborns with malleable crania. A couple related videos are here. The skulls are said to date from the 4th century A.D., although I haven't yet seen a proper scientific paper with these data.

Skulls similar to these are well-known artifacts of Maya civilization. It is truly interesting that simiilar skulls should be found in Asia (and reportedly also in Europe). One wonders whether this represents coincident parallel cultural developments or whether there was more communication in the prehistoric world than we conventionally give them credit for.

I'll check some archaeology sites later this week to see if I can find more information.


  1. There was more travel and communication in the pre-historic times. It's just arrogance to believe that there wasn't.

    Maybe some of the Mayans who got on the spaceship had second thoughts and wanted to return to Earth, and Siberia was the closest drop off point?

  2. well there's this in common and then also the pyramid structures in many of those places too, so definitely some cross-over.

  3. still goes on in a few places around the world : http://www.answers.com/topic/skull-shaping

  4. Skulls like these were also found in the Northwest US.

  5. According to Edward Gibbon, the Huns did this, and scarred their faces so they wouldn't have to shave. It's in "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." I don't have the chapter and page number handy, though.


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