28 February 2009

Michelle Obama upholds the Constitution

HuffPo (and many other sites) have featured articles this week on the new First Lady's choice of fashion. TYWKIWDBI tries to avoid celebrities and fashion, but we will weigh in on this. The silly and superficial tempest in a teapot revolves around her decision to wear sleeveless dresses for official functions (including the official portrait above):
The First Lady impressed many, but also made a few waves on Tuesday night when she broke with tradition and wore a sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez dress to the President's address before Congress. Opinion was divided over whether it was appropriate to show so much skin at such a ceremonial event.

"'Does the lady not understand that these Big Speech Events are serious and important? Not a cocktail party?'" wrote one Chicago Tribune reader. "''The season is winter. The occasion is business. Dress was wrong place and time.'"
We have scrolled through a few of the 22 pages of comments that accompany that article; we agree with the sentiment that the public is tired of Washington women in pantsuits and jackets, but more importantly we wholeheartedly affirm the observation that the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right of Americans to bare arms.


  1. Groan!

    Call me lacking in social graces, but who really pays attention to this sort of thing?

  2. Good one.... Hee Hee.... I bet she would even like his one!

  3. yea, like Rich said, who really cares. (the right to bare arms) good one, lol

  4. Ha ha! I kept waiting for the Constitution part. Nice punchline!
    But seriously, it's freezing in DC right now.

  5. Michelle Obama is an attractive lady. What dress she wears to a ceremony or speech is hardly news however. Frankly, I admire any woman who can still be feminine while competing in a man's world.

  6. It's the "showing too much skin" argument that bugs me. It's not like the dress was 6 inches above her knees, or like she was showing acres of cleavage. No, she was properly covered except for her arms. Heaven forbid someone show the scandalous upper arm!

    My word, media people. I think we have about 100 more important things to worry about than the first lady's wardrobe.

  7. If I had arms like hers, I'd wear sleeveless dresses all the time.

  8. Jackie Kennedy wore a sleeveless dress to a State of the Union address by JFK just about 50 years ago.

    Just sayin'....


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