22 February 2009

Can you guess the name of this book?

Listed below are 46 words taken from a popular book (popular as in "award-winning best seller"):

a am anywhere are be boat box car could dark do eat fox goat good here house I if in let like may me mouse not on or rain Sam say see so thank that the them there they train tree try will with would you

The original list had 50 words; I've left out four of them - because they form the title of the book.

Name that book. Answer in the comments section.


  1. I'm going to guess Green Eggs and Ham?

  2. Green.

    Not only are the 50 words in the book - they are the only words in the book.
    For more information, see the Wikipedia entry.

    Credit to Jason Kottke: http://www.kottke.org/09/02/green-eggs-and-ham

  3. I can't believe you found this and replied before I could even type the answer!

  4. "Name that book. Answer in the comments section."

    That could either mean that you'll provide the answer in the comments section, or that we're supposed to guess at the answer in the comments section.

    It looks like Mike thought, as I did, that the meaning was the latter one.

  5. the word Sam gives it away, Sam I am

  6. That's fine. I wasn't complaining.

    Insert two smileys. :.) :.)

    I was just flummoxed that I wrote a blog entry and spent two minutes typing the answer and by then someone had already logged on and answered it.

    It was as though someone was looking over my shoulder...

  7. Hah! I was going to guess "Of mice and men" :)

  8. I guessed Green Eggs and Ham, too (before I checked the comments).

  9. Got lucky. I usually check your blog once a day, and I must've hit it just right :)

    Thanks for a fun and interesting blog, btw!


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