21 February 2009

Ron Paul on Bill Maher's Real Time last night

Ron Paul has been generally out of the national media spotlight since the end of the Presidential campaign (actually, since the early part of the election campaign - but that's another story), but he is still a firm believer in the principles that won him a large following -
  • smaller government,
  • less aggressive foreign policy, and
  • greater fiscal responsibility
I have embraced those principles - and have been labelled a "Ron Paul f***tard" for doing so. Another person who hasn't forgotten him is Bill Maher, who featured the above video interview with him as the first item in the first episode of this year's Real Time series.


  1. Do you support the principles he espoused in his racist newsletters? Check out this link from CNN.


  2. The newsletter has Ron Paul's name on it, but he has repeatedly stated that they are not his writings, and that the newsletter worked in a way that many writers he at one point would trust were allowed to put things in without his approval.

    Ron Paul is not quite as out there as a lot of people would like to think, especially his economic ideas.

    Those specifically come from the old Austrian school of economic thought which, while not necessarily wrong, are about fifteen years outdated at this point as their most prominent economist, Friederich Hayek has been dead since 1992, and as such, has missed out on a tremendous amount of economic history.

  3. So the people he trusted were racists? What does that say about his judgement in choosing friends? Ron Paul, his wife, and daughter were officers in the company that printed the racist newsletters but never once, in all the years they were published, actually opened one and read what was attached to his name? That strains credibility to the breaking point.

  4. That trumped up rascism rumour was a perfect red herring. Ron Paul simply makes too much sense to be president, I think we all knew that really.Anon, you're just being played, that's a shame really.

  5. Weird exchange going on here.

    Your name on something official = you are responsible (if not forged).

    I do believe the red herring is changing the subject to how awesome the accused person is. More is required than saying I don't believe that... if it's printed in your own newsletter.

    Just some neutral observations.
    (Not batting for either side, could really care less)


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