13 January 2011

Photos of "Lost London"

Drury Lane.Covent Garden.1880
View in Drury Lane looking south and showing the St Mary le Strand steeple.A 134 foot tall Maypole was erected on the site of the church in 1661 which Alfred Marks describes in 'Photographs of Old London'.He also notes the gabled house in this view was formerly the "Cock and Magpie" tavern "a place of entertainment in the reign of Henry VII."
Wych Street.Covent Garden(?).1880
"These are very good specimens of the overhanging houses of the beginning of the seventeenth century.It is only to be regretted that the extreme narrowness of the street made it impossible to give the full effect of this picturesque group" writes Alfred Marks.He goes on to inform us that Dr.Johnson worshipped at St.Clement Danes Church which can be seen behind the old houses.
White Hart Inn Yard.Borough.1880
"The introduction of the railways has greatly changed the character of these old inns.The 'George' alone seems now to do any considerable business in the 'receipt of travellers';in other cases the business of a tavern has superseded that of an inn and the great courtyards are either being gradually encroached on by warehouses or have been taken up by railway companies as receiving offices."
The Oxford Arms Inn Warwick Lane.City.1875
Just a handful from an assemblage of about three dozen photos at Skyscraper City, via Titam et le Sirop d'Erable.

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  1. the George (referenced in one of the quotes) is a beautiful old pub, as far as history/architecture go. would highly recommend it to anyone with the opportunity to visit.


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