17 February 2009

What a wonderful library

I found this photo without attribution re location or photographer, so I have not idea where it was taken. It looks to be real rather than 'shopped (but you can never tell these days...) Click to enlarge the photo.

For my viewing pleasure I'll assume it is real. I love libraries - especially old ones. I've previously posted the Minneapolis library and the Memphis ones for their architecture, and one man's personal library for its contents.

(Since I'm also a bowler, the one above would be tempting for another reason...)

Photo credit: Christian Schmidt.


  1. For similar photos you may wish to checkout Hot Library Smut - http://thenonist.com/index.php/thenonist/permalink/hot_library_smut/

  2. Utica, NY has a wonderful library architecturally which includes a 3-story section with glass floors in perfect condition. It also features a great deal of tall ceilings and marble stairs and walls. It was opened in 1905 and is across the street from a modern Philip Johnson designed museum for the Munson Williams Proctor Institute.

  3. I'm sorry to ruin your viewing pleasure - but I'm pretty sure that the library is photoshopped to some extent..

    btw - the picture is from german photographer christian schmidt
    here's the link to the picture
    his other pictures are also worth a look.

  4. @Anonymous - thanks for the heads-up re the photographer; I added a credit to the blogpost.

    Looking over his portfolio, I agree that the photo I used has probably been enhanced, but I remain hopeful that it was shot in an actual library.


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