14 December 2012

"World's Greatest Kisser" (1921)

Paris, Sept 18. – André Brulé, stage exquisite, has been acclaimed the champion kisser of the world. By vanquishing 80 aspirants, including Americans, Russians, Italians, Spanish and French, he won the award from a committee of beauties of the younger set at Biarritz. In the course of the contest he is said to have turned an unprecedented number of feminine heads...

According to the jury, Brulé's perfect kiss was according to the following procedure. He took careful aim, and then with his right arm waistward and his left foot used as a pivot, swung suddenly, implanting the kiss exactly in the middle of the mouth. The advantage of this method, which, it is declared, requires long practice, is that the girl has no time to escape...

The osculatory contest was held in the dance hall casino. It was watched by the queen of Spain and an imposing array of Spanish and British royalty. Brule's reward was a diamond scarfpin subscribed by the beauties.
(Originally published in the Minneapolis Tribune, Sept 19, 1921)


  1. For me, the "no time to escape" is a definite advantage!
    Great first chuckle of the day!

  2. Ah, the good old days. When the wenches were buxom with no time to escape. Yargh!

  3. "no time to escape"

    that's okay, i have all the time in the world to punch him afterwards!

  4. That was then...this is now, and NOW his rep is up against Johnny Depp!


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