29 December 2012

Find your home on a U.S. dotmap

Using data from the U.S. census, Brandon M-Anderson created the dotmap above, which depicts each of the 300 million U.S. residents with one dot.  The original map is zoomable, so I was able to zoom repeatedly to find my neighborhood:

Having a "blank" corn/alfalfa field nearby helped me find the right area.  It can be rather difficult, especially since conventional landmarks like roads are implied rather than specifically shown. 

Addendum:  xcentric notes that there is a toggle to a conventional map in the upper right corner.

Via Boing Boing.


  1. Also the dropdown in the upper right that lets you toggle between the dots and a google map helps too (I only noticed it after searching for my neighborhood).

    I found it interesting that the small lakes in my area were covered in dots, but that the industrial areas were the easiest voids to use as landmarks.

    1. Ah!! I hadn't noticed the toggle. Added as an addendum. Tx, xcentric.


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