22 December 2012

And now we are five...

Today marks the fifth blogiversary for TYWKIWDBI, which began with this post in 2007 (10,788 posts and millions of visits ago).

It's been a good five years; I still struggle with motivation to keep blogging because of the seemingly unending distractions of real life.  But I do get a great deal of satisfaction from the depth and breadth of knowledge, the sophistication, and the almost always unfailing courtesy of readers who comment on the posts.  I learn things, I teach things, and every now and then I get help with my car or my computer for free.  Such a deal.

The photo is of a birthday party with my sister and my cousins from Las Vegas, taken in the house where I grew up in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina.  I'm older than five in that photo; when I was five (right), we lived in an apartment in Arlington, Virginia.

I'm not seeking feedback on this, so I'll close the comments for this post.  And I'll use the occasion as an excuse to take another day off from blogging.  Yay!!
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