26 December 2012

Magnificent cloud photography

I'll close today with a selection of photos of Clouds of the Month, from the website of the incomparable Cloud Appreciation Society.  Their Cloudspotter's Guide is an excellent book.

Top to bottom:
When Cirrus clouds are arranged like the backbone of a fish, they are given the name ‘vertebratus.’ (Photograph © Tim Middleton).

...a display of cloud iridescence. This colourful optical effect is caused by sunlight being diffracted as it passes around the cloud particles. (© Photograph Andrew Kirk)

Mount Rainier’s shadow being cast onto the clouds above (Photograph © Nick Lippert)


  1. These are beautiful photos. I love taking pictures of clouds. I have no idea what I'll do with all of them, but I can't resist. Thanks so much for the lead to the Cloud Appreciation Society. That sounds like my kind of group.


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