27 December 2012

"Color pic-a-pix" online game

You are provided an empty grid with data on the x- and y-axes for the distribution of colors within the grid.  Then use your mouse to fill in the blanks.

I thought the 20x20 grid was a difficult (but fair) challenge.  Found by Alex and posted this morning at Neatorama.

The game is here.

Addendum:  A hat tip to reader Muzzman, who knew of a similar (and free) site at Griddlers.


  1. i am addicted to these games. i mostly play "color cross" on my ipad, which has kind of a dorky interface but good puzzles. so fun!

  2. I played these puzzles in school as a kid and spent years trying to find them. Our big box bookstore has a series of black and white pixel puzzles that calls itself "Oekaki". They're great to bring on long flights.

  3. I LOVE THESE PUZZLES SO MUCH (ahem) sorry for the enthusiasm. I like black and white best, but I just like the logic skills required and how my brain zones out and gets totally relaxes into the puzzle. Thanks for sharing the link (!!!)

  4. A website called griddlers.net has had these for years and has hundreds of them (for free) - provided me with hours of enjoyment since discovering it in university

    1. Thanks, Muzzman. I've added the Griddlers link as an addendum to the post.


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