14 December 2012

A neon-light-decorated vehicle (1934)

A tanker truck for Gilmore Oil Company, illuminated for advertising purposes.  More pix at Dieselpunk, via Just a Car Guy.


  1. All future visitors, this comment is off topic, for the blogger's attention only, carryon move along, nothing to see:

    Hi 'Stan, not wanting to use your email which is not intended for the use of just a commenter, I thought it would be ok for me to leave this note here in an out of the way post, which you might see one day.

    I'm feeling like I've perhaps been too forthcoming with my dissenting views here. If I sound hurt or angry, honestly, I'm neither. I'm just not wanting to be where I am not welcome by you the host. For others who visit to resent my POV is expected, whenever it is the minority. I have no idea how to dissent, and certainly, how to defend said dissent, in the interest of discussion, without it being seen as, well, bickering or worse. Often, when I am attacked, especially when I'm ridiculed (yes, I can hear the world's tiniest violin too), I defend myself (though not always, believe it or not). And so then that is seen as not any better.

    I love it when someone, anyone, earnestly debates the issue on its merits, with a friendly heart, leaving what they think of me out of it entirely, because that's what I do. But, it is the internet.

    For years I have visited your place, rarely commenting at all, and always enjoy it, because your politics don't bother me. I disagree sometimes, sometimes vigorously, but that's all. I tire, too, of those who just want to shut me down. But, this time, so far as I know, though I have not returned to the post in question, nor will I, you seem to hint (I'm probably wrong) that my attacker's comment will stand because you've had enough of me. I'm probably wrong. To be clear, this is not some lame attempt to get you do anything other than what you've done, definitely not. As I said at the outset, I'd rather not be a visitor where my commentary is resented or dreaded to the point that it creates more work. Of course, there are plenty of sites out here where my views aren't dissent. But, that gets rather boring, as there is no give and take. But too often, well, people focus on me or who they think I am instead, so on and so forth.

    Ok, enough of that. I didn't mean to create more (unpaid) work for you, that is never good. So, in the interest of cutting that out, I'm cutting that out. Wah-wah. Oh well, but, so it goes.... Best of luck to you, always, no worries, for your blog is swell. --A.

    1. "which you might see one day" - I see all comments almost as soon as they are posted (which is part of the problem). I have to review and approve every comment posted on the blog. Every day I have to delete the spam and the inappropriate (or simply inane) ones. It takes a lot of my time, which I'm very jealous of, especially this time of the year.

      Re the exchange you are referring to, I'll post a detailed reply later. I'm trying to get some other stuff done tonight.

  2. I'm really sorry to have to say this, but you misspelled decorated.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I need all the help I can get to keep this blog cleaned up.




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