17 December 2012

Math Run

Math Run is labeled a "math training game," and presumably was developed for school or homeschool use rather than as a recreational puzzle per se.

I completed the first 30 levels, but with holiday chores pending, I decided to take a screencap and quit.  Perhaps some reader with time to spare will continue on and let us know at what level the game challenges math skills rather than patience.

The image at right is a screencap.  The Math Run game is here.

A procedural note - in the game the colon symbol (:) is used in place of the backslash forward slash (/) to indicate division.  Where is this a common convention?

Via Neatorama.


  1. In German school, you learn about '/', but you will use ':' exclusively.

    Once you get into university, it more or less depends on your major.

  2. Even in the US ':' is the symbol for the ratio. As in "When steaming rice the ratio of water to rice is 3:2".

  3. Yeah, and the colon is so handy because it is a shifted character while the virgule can be typed with a single keystroke. What a good idea!

    1. @82medici There are many keyboard layouts that do indeed require shift (or another modifier key) to type the virgule.

      On the other hand I am not aware of any that do not require a modifier key for the colon but do require one for the virgule.

  4. My brain speed got up to 527 on my first try. I was kind of out of it, though.

  5. 4567 mph? How in the heck?

    I quit playing because I couldn't overcome the fact that you push LEFT when the answer is RIGHT. Drove me nuts.


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