30 December 2012

The movies of 2012

A list of the movies in the order of appearance in the mashup. So far I've seen only I think eight of them, but have several others on request from the library.

If you like this video, Matt Shapiro has also done "Cinescapes" for -
2007, and

I may have blogged some of these in the past (because I've seldom met a movie mashup I didn't like) but I don't have time to check old blog posts right now; got to go watch the Vikings lose to the Packers again.

Via The Dish.


  1. Movie mashups always remind me of an, all too brief, ad for Hoyts Cinema.

    It's a shame the only thing I can find on youtube is of terrible quality..


  2. I think it would be fun to make my own mashup, using my favorite scenes from my favorite movies, but that would require video-editing skills I don't have. And time.

  3. I am not sure you will like *this* mash up, but one of my all time favourites of this kind is Apple Tree: https://vimeo.com/31684799

    The above mash up you posted loaded for me, I could watch it - but as I went to youtube, it told me, it was removed due to copyright issues. The older videos I also can't watch on youtube because of the common and annoying GEMA/youtube problem here in Germany :-/


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