17 December 2012

An engineer builds a town in his basement

It's interesting to compare this video posted at VideoSift, with one at Harper's Bazaar which reports that Barbra Streisand has done the same thing in her basement as a way to sort and store her things:
Like everything on her estate, the shops grew out of years of careful research. On a trip to the legendary decorative-arts museum Winterthur in Delaware, she was fascinated by a series of early-19th-century shops created by curators to display their collections. "Seeing Winterthur's indoor street, I thought how ingenious that was," she remembers. "Instead of just storing my things in the basement, I can make a street of shops and display them."

1 comment:

  1. very charming! I've been to the Field museum, and Main Street is one of my favorite exhibits.


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