21 August 2012

Concept cabin of a proposed new Airbus design

The vitalising zone will both meet that demand and bring the passenger closer to nature. The bionic structure and membrane will create the perfect combination of strength, light and space, offering panoramic views of the world outside through large areas where the lining can become transparent at the wave of a hand; intelligent organically grown seats will sense your needs and adapt for the perfect fit, offering massage, drinks or vitamins as required; a gentle sea breeze or the soft aroma of a pine forest wash over you; sound showers will ease you into the perfect sleep, snug in the warm embrace of holographic shades, while the heat given out from your body is unobtrusively collected to power the cabin facilities
Personally, I'd rather have the luggage and cargo above, with a transparent underside so I could look down.  And I'll pass on receiving a "sound shower" in an organically-grown seat that is harvesting my body heat.

More at Airbus.


  1. I think I'd rather have cargo below me when one of these comes in for a belly landing.

  2. Sadly, "concept" is code for "made up bullshit", these days. As of today, there are no organic seats, no material strong enough to support the honeycombs nor any material that is strong, light, and see-through.

    If this machine flew at 20km or 30km instead of 10km, looking upwards would be _great_. At 10km I agree that looking down would be nicer though that would require passengers to hang under the cargo hold etc. At the very least, you would still see the landing gear.

    Unfortunately, they would never do that.

    1) Too many people would freak out at the sight.
    2) Descratching and cleaning the floor would be a chore and would need to be done on a permanent and continuous basis.
    3) In case of an emergency landing, it would grind the passengers to death while protecting the luggage. I prefer the current system which is the other way round.

    All that being said, I would love to see have a bottom window on all flights...

    1. Good point. Too slow for actual travel, but it would be fun to ride on of those even though they would not fly that high.

    2. I would say "...it would be fun to ride on of those BECAUSE they would not fly that high."

  3. This would have been the kind of dream airliner for the way airline flying was back in the 50's and 60's when it was a special event or rare treat for most people. These days, it is a commodity and everyone is shoehorned in like cattle unless you can afford to pay ten times the coach amount for a better seat. Too many folks would be unnerved by the open windowing, even though, like you, I would love it. I sometimes get unapproving looks because I love to watch the landscape out the window (with a map in my lap) instead of shutting the blind and sleeping or watching my seatback movie like the other cattle do.

    Another "concept" way to accommodate people like me would be to provide a 3D immersive helmet to show a live view from a camera on the nose or belly - one I could pan around, zoom, and see what I want. Maybe with optional graphics overlays to point out landmarks and geography. That would be cool, and much less expensive, I would think.

    Agree with the Zeppelin assessment. They should think of them more like cruise ships, not transports. Some of the old ones from the 1930's, like the Graf, were quite elegant inside.

    Oh well, If wishes were fishes, we'd all have some fried. . .

  4. Here's a high-tech innovation worth considering: how about another six inches of leg room?


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