06 December 2012

Two videos of dock-diving dogs

The top one is rather repetitive (except for the unusual "dive" at 2:20). The second is more informative. There are many others at YouTube.  Miscellaneous details at Wikipedia.

This post inspired by an article in the StarTribune:
Two years ago, Remi, a lab-shepherd mutt, was a dog without a home, facing an uncertain future. Then Tom Dropik of New Prague took the rescue dog no one wanted and turned him into a two-time dock-jumping world champion who appears in competitions around the nation and will be on TV this winter...

Dogs compete in four events: "big air,'' a distance-leap into the pool of water; "extreme vertical,'' an event to see how high a dog can jump; and "speed retrieve'' to measure how fast a dog can cover 20 feet of dock and 40 feet of water to get a retrieving dummy. A fourth event, called the Iron Dog, is a combination of those three events.  Last fall, at the World Championships in Canton, Ohio, Remi won the ''speed retrieve'' event...

"My dog, Tucker, used to jump up and pick apples off the tree to eat,'' Dropik said.
Addendum:  A hat tip to Mel V. for the link to this relevant post at Team Unruly.


  1. If you want more info about dock diving, here's a post one of my favorite bloggers wrote about taking her dogs to an introductory diving class: http://teamunruly.com/?p=269

    1. Thank you for the link, Mel. I've appended it to the post.

      I also found a blogworthy post there about "flyball."

    2. Flyball is great. Glad you found something interesting!


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