10 December 2012

It's enough to make you sick

Filmed near Kathmandu (capital of Nepal).  That plastic will flow to the Bagmati River -
In Kathmandu, the Bagmati River is destination of much untreated sewage, and large levels of pollution of the river exist due primarily to the region's large population. Many residents in Kathmandu empty personal garbage and waste into the river. In particular the Hanumante khola, Dhobi khola, Tukucha khola and Bishnumati khola are the most polluted. Attempts are being made to monitor the Bagmati River system and restore its cleanliness. These include "pollution loads modification, flow augmentation and placement of weirs at critical locations". The "Friends of the Bagmati" is an organisation set up in November 2000. According to its website, its aim is, "to reverse the degradation of the Bagmati river."
- and eventually I presume to the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. 

For the European equivalent, see this truly mind-boggling video of a river in Romania.

Via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. http://vimeo.com/52711779
    this will make you feel better.

    and have you met the "garbage warrior?"

  2. Stan, jfyi, the albatross necropsy vid won't play here. I didn't try watching it on youtube though.

    This reminds me of the, apparently, several wandering islands of garbage in the oceans. Whenever I see the impact that discarded fishing lines and nets have on marine life, I want to burn down every aisle of seafood at the grocery store. --A.

    1. I posted the albatross necropsy video over three years ago; the embed did play then.

      To watch it now, just use this YouTube link:


    2. Thanks, just watched it, with great sadness. Poor beast, anything to keep from feeling the gnawing pain of relentless hunger.

      It reminded me of a silly line of dialogue out of an episode of L&O: SVU, featuring Marlee Matlin as a right-to-die/suicide advocate. She says that she understands that death by starvation is a very peaceful and serene experience. I burst out laughing. Yeah, riiiiiiight, maaaaaybe after you've resigned yourself to it.

      It is a cruel way to die. No matter what kind of creature you are, you know you are dying. From distant horizon to within arm's reach, you see it marching toward you, definitely you. --A.


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