15 August 2012

Two trailers for Great Expectations

The one above is from the 2011 BBC television drama, with Gillian Anderson as Miss Haversham.  The one below is the "international trailer #1" (i.e. with subtitles auf Deutsch) for the soon-to-be-released British film starring Helena Bonham Carter.

[oops - never mind.  It's just "been removed by the user" presumably for copyright violation - but it was very cool, as you might expect].  When it gets reposted I'll reattach it and move the post up.

Addendum: A hat tip to LPJ, who found the trailer at Screenrant:

 p.s. - is the dangly thing shown in the first two seconds a gibbet with a cage for suspending criminals/their corpses?


  1. Still can be found here: http://screenrant.com/great-expectations-movie-trailer/

    1. Thanks, LPJ. I think I've got it embedded now. Hope it lasts for a while.

  2. I believe that yes, it is a cage for criminals in the first two seconds. Possibly where captured escapees were put?


    1. According to just one of many sites about medieval laws: "If a man committed Rape, Manslaughter or Robbery they would be hung up in a cage so people could see their slow death.

      On some occasions they were taken down just before their death and quartered (cut into four pieces) so that the pain would kill them, a most cruel way to die. Public displays of torture were common."

      You can read about how awful and discriminatory laws were back then at http://www.thefinertimes.com/Ancient-History/crime-and-punishment-in-the-middle-ages.html It's not a little chilling.

      In many ways, you can see parallels between those laws and the laws which people in many parts of the world today still endure. That is also not a little chilling.


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