15 August 2012

Fire ants survive on food being microwaved

They're small enough and mobile enough to move around in a microwave to avoid the hot spots.  Amazing.

From a BBC program (of course), via Everlasting Blort and Neatorama.


  1. Hmmm..
    I thought it was Crazy Rasberry ants that caused electrical problems.

  2. Take microwave safe pan, place in it a bed of marshmallows and put in microwave for a short cycle. Start microwave and observe where the hotspots and cool spots are for your specific appliance.

  3. This video was so odd. I was expecting something Nova-like and instead it felt like a B-grade horror flick. I would have liked to have seen how real fire ants act around electricity, but every scenario seemed set up for theatrical effect - the stop lights, the microwave, the lady screaming, the bee glowing, etc, etc.


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