09 May 2020

Where the Poles are

The white outlier county in northern Wisconsin is Menominee County, (site of the reservation). 

Map via the DataIsBeautiful subreddit.  


  1. Any idea why the relatively large concentration in Texas, in what looks to be the San Antonio area?

    1. I had to ask Mr. Google:

      "In December 1854, one hundred Polish families arrived in Galveston on the Weser. Traveling by wagon down the coast to Indianola and then inland, the group reached a spot on the coastal prairie about 55 miles southeast of San Antonio. With the celebration of a Christmas Mass, they founded Panna Maria, the first Polish settlement in North America.

      Today there are at least 228,309 Texans of Polish ancestry, according to the 2000 U.S. census, making them the seventh largest ethnic group in the state. But, the history of Polish Texans goes back before Panna Maria..."


      "The first Polish settlement in North America." You learn something every day. Tx for asking the question.

    2. Thanks for the quick answer. I did not expect the reason to be so "historical."

      The Wikipedia page about Panna Maria has this info:

      "A Franciscan missionary, Father Leopold Moczygemba, started recruiting Upper Silesians in 1852, when Silesia belonged to the Kingdom of Prussia. The immigrants began arriving at Indianola in early December 1854. With carts to haul them inland being scarce, the immigrants walked to their land grants near San Antonio and the town was settled on Christmas Eve in 1854.

      The town's identity as an insular Polish enclave was sealed by four factors:

      -Bypassed by the railroads
      -Union in sympathy (Settlers were also unionist and were occasionally
      massacred in Texas during this period)
      -Polish Resurrectionist priests arrived from Europe
      -A sisterhood of Polish teaching nuns was established"

      Who would have expected the first Polish settlement on this continent to be in Texas? Perhaps they sided with the Union due to the slavery issue?Interesting, and a great trivia question. Not to imply that Polish-American history is trivial.

  2. Google the Painted Churches of Texas. Strong Polish/Czech culture in this part of the world. I listen to the Polka Hour every now and then on the FM radio.

  3. Well I guess the country should remain stable as long as the Poles remain on the right half of the plane. (Math humor).


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