18 May 2020

This awesome bourbon collection

The discussion thread indicates that some of these bottles are outrageously expensive, but I note that the owner doesn't have a bottle of my favorite Evan Williams bourbon, which he could find at his local Target store.

And I bet he would disapprove of my mixing the Evan Williams with Diet Coke.


  1. Ha! I bet he wouldn't approve of Skrewball either (peanut butter whiskey), though it's one of my favorites.

  2. i prefer my whiskey and my whisky with pre-peanut butter peanuts.


  3. In some circles, this collector may be called a "tater." I wouldn't though, as most of the bottles are open.

    1. A new word for me. Where does it come from? Presumably not from potatoes or home runs.

    2. I found this with a quick Google, but don't have time to delve more deeply:

      "But not everyone knows the meaning of a whiskey tater. A tater is the unflattering label stuck on those demonstrating abundant whiskey ignorance and naivete in a vain attempt to appear expert. Far from a damnable offense, of course, but at least vaguely annoying to most.

      Why such a person is linked to the nickname of a stem vegetable, I don’t know..."

  4. I believe the origins aren't nailed down, but it seems to have started in a facebook group. The mystery us maybe my favorite part of that word. That, and calling anyone in my whisky group one any time they come upon a fancy bottle and won't share.

  5. Mixing any whisky with Coke is an abomination, and you should be ashamed of yourself!:)


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