09 May 2020

Hadrian's Wall

Posted as a reminder to me of a delightful cloudy windy day about forty years ago when I walked the wall at Housesteads.

Photo credit to Robert White Photography, via the EarthPorn subReddit.

Reposted from 2014 to add this awesome photo:

- credit Swiss photographer Roger Eberhard, from his new book (not about the wall per se).


  1. Put the kettle on, you'll need to build a brew - and Google 'The Daily Mail' from the UK....my favorite piece of "bubble-gum' for my brain. Usually! I Find this rag riddled with them.

    1. ??? presumably you meant to leave this comment on the schizophrenic deputies/crash blossom post ???

  2. Those Roman emperors couldn't handle the Scottish !
    Had to wall them off from that good ol' Roman rule.

  3. Walked the whole thing, we were meant to be walking in Scotland now, but maybe next year

  4. I was going to visit there this July; thank you for the pics.


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