13 May 2020

Cuomo comments on the bank bailouts

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  1. I'm a pretty steady conservative, but I LIKE Cuomo. There is a problem, however.... Say a bank gets a bailout. Say it agrees (and does) hire the same number of workers (which does NOT mean that it's the same workers, which means they might hire people to work for less money).

    But worse, those companies that get a bailout simply pass the buck to the consumer. In other words, in 2008, the consumer did not receive a bailout...but through fees and such, they paid back the bailout that the banks got.

    It came to me some years ago, that the way we SHOULD or at least COULD) have done it was to pay off or pay down people's actual mortgages. This would put money back in the banks (since they are receiving payoff amounts), while helping people retain their home (or their apartment--via, say, a year or more in advance payments).

    This way it actually helps the PEOPLE...but also helps the banks.

    Just some thoughts....


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