21 May 2020

Props to Scotland

As reported in The Independent:
Scotland has become the latest country to block companies based in tax havens from accessing coronavirus bailout funds, in a move that will increase pressure on Boris Johnson’s government to introduce similar measures. 
MSPs approved new rules on Wednesday night that will mean companies that are registered in tax havens, or are a subsidiary of an offshore company, cannot apply for government grants. 
France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Wales and Argentina have applied similar policies to their coronavirus business-support packages... 
Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Green Party co-leader, said: “Any company which avoids its responsibility to contribute to society should not be getting handouts when things go wrong. That’s why many European nations and Wales have already made this commitment. 
“I’m delighted that ministers finally saw sense on this basic issue of fairness. This move isn’t the final word, but it marks the beginning of a new approach to tackling the companies which shamelessly avoid paying tax, and we will continue to build on what’s been achieved today.”
Discussion here indicates doubts the U.K. will follow suit.

"Props" explained.


  1. If Scotland and Wales have done it then England, A small part of the United,ish, Kingdom, should too.

    1. Agreed, but England has about 85% of the UK population and a similar amount of the GDP. And a corrupt Tory government in charge. It ain't gonna happen.


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