06 May 2020

Divertimento #179 (gifs)

Crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt cheering Captain Crozier
A boy and his dog
Optical illusion
Farming on an industrial scale
Stitching a leaf pattern
Chocolate snake
Mountain goat freed from a tree

Nature and Science
Vampire squid
Head lice infestation
Normal distribution demonstrated with a Galton board
Candle ice
A "probability of zero" does not mean something is impossible

The Life of Brian skit discussing the pandemic

Bear fixes toppled traffic cone (??why)
Orangutan washing her hands
Blacknose sheep
Fish following a duck
Shoebill stork
Gull swallows a rabbit
Horse eats a chicken

Massive shelving collapse at a cheese warehouse (story and pix)
Don't have a saw?  Just break the log
A suitcase full of crabs breaks open at an airport baggage carousel
The governor of Florida puts on a mask

Impressive or clever
Mime with a wine bottle
Paint job
Portrait of Audrey Hepburn carved into a leaf
A woman with hyperlactation syndrome
15,000 dominos fall
Secret room
Balancing a sewing machine

Sports and athleticism
Practicing golf in a hallway
Kayak and motorboat
Simone Biles takes her pants off

Humorous or cheerful
Soap dispenser
Baby flips a bottle
Stretching exercise
Girl with alopecia gets her first wig

The embedded images are love tokens retrieved from the Thames, from a gallery at Spitalfields Life.

1 comment:

  1. I just recently bought a Galton board. They sell them on Amazon. I'm using it to get my son used to the basic concepts of probability. It's really lovely.


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