21 May 2020

How to block ads on a smart TV

"YSK if you own a Samsung smart TV that has ads, you can block them by adding ads.samsung.com to your block list on your internet router."
Discussion thread in the YouShouldKnow subreddit has lots of details, including info on blocking ads on other devices.

Our house doesn't have a smart TV, so I can't vouch for the validity of the suggestions at the link.  Comments from readers are welcome.


  1. You can block all TV ads by trading your TV for a DVD player and an old computer monitor.

    1. You may not be able to drive your 'old computer monitor' with your DVD player? The DVD player hooked up to a antenna and cable unconnected TV should work.

  2. many commercially produced DVD discs have ads in their content. and many of the features will have product placements appearing on the screen. it is pretty hard to avoid being sold to.

  3. Might have to try this. Thanks!


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