16 May 2020

Coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents

The dark spot in central Minnesota is the site of a meat-packing plant.  Discussed at the DataIsBeautiful subreddit.


  1. I want to read the history of this pandemic. What was happening behind the scenes. I suspect lots of things but know little fact. So much to be studied and written about.

    1. Oh, we are in for one of the most interesting periods of examination in modern history. I hope we can keep a genuine critical due and learn something.

      Sadly, I expect a lot of the potential lessons will dissolve into the noise of finger-pointing.

      Also: I'm from a dark spot! What do I win?

  2. The dark spot on the eastern shore of Maryland/Virginia is a Chicken processing plant. Low paid, immigrant workers don't just have their own apartment or house to go home to. They share residences with each other and live pretty densely. A great way for a virus to get around. Our need for cheap meat help create this problem.


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