18 October 2019

Concern about climate change expressed thirty years ago

Thirty years ago.

Found this comment at the YouTube link: "Unlike many conservatives, she has her background in science (chemistry at Oxford), not business or the law. She understands that science is not a partisan issue. Facts are not a matter of political opinion."

Relevant articles in Scientific American and in The Ecologist,


  1. i'm sorry, but that is a ridiculously wrong assertion. this seems to have been posted by some thatcher fan, with the usual regard tories have for the truth.
    the ozone hole became a topic in the early 80ies, there was acid rain, the forests were dying, etc. i grew up being told we would all die shortly.
    all of EUROPE discussed climate change in the 80ies. the US, not so much, yes.
    and as for chemists being more aware, look up Thomas Midgley Jr., a chemical engineer who killed more people than several WWII dictators together.

    1. Thanks for the info. I've amended the title and added several references.

  2. 30 years of economic growth and the highest GHG output, ever, in 2019! The notion that economic growth is the path to a green future is deeply flawed. Prosperity leads to increased consumption, without fail. Also, the notion that Third World subsistence farmers are the problem, in any meaningful sense, is nonsense. Countries like Bangladesh are the only countries on Earth that remain within sustainable limits; we (in the US) use five Earths per capita and they use one. One vacation flight by an affluent American is the equivalent of more than a year's impact by a subsistence farmer. Thatcher was prescient in a sense, but ideologically bound in the notion that capitalism, growth, free markets, technological advancement and small government are the keys to solving EVERY problem. As consumption addicts, the world over, I expect humans will soon precipitate global environmental collapse. Too late and Thatcher's snake oil is one of a thousand examples of how we got here: still growing a popularly supported consumer economy as the planet burns.

  3. the worst thing that happened to the earth was when man first laied plow to land

  4. The problem isn't capitalism. The problem is boundless capitalism in which polluters are not responsible for their actions.


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