29 October 2019

First snow of the year

Wet snow falling on a windless night turned the pagoda dogwood, the elm, the crabapple, and the Monarda into what would be devilishly difficult jigsaw-puzzle images.

It's distinctly unusual for Madison to experience measureable snow in October (this was the heaviest October snowfall in a decade).  More is expected on the 31st, so I suspect we will have lots of Halloween treats left over.


Snowiest Halloween in the history of Madison, Wisconsin.   Didn't melt until November 4.


  1. it looks like you are right on track for your snow: https://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange and click your region


  2. Third one looks like cotton. (Can you tell I'm from Alabama?)
    What is snow, by the way?

  3. Hi Stan: It's a good idea to hang your gates diagonal brace from the top hinge to the bottom on the opposite side with a heavy wire or metal rod. Wood braces expand and contract w/ humidity till they pull joint fasteners loose and the gate wobbles or even falls apart. Metal won't do that. I like your blog. :)


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