07 October 2019

"Fall" has two meanings

"Minnesotans have a high tolerance for playoff pain. That comes from watching the Vikings lose four consecutive Super Bowls and six straight NFC championship games.

And from witnessing 29 seasons without a Timberwolves championship, as well as 46 years of North Stars and Wild hockey without a Stanley Cup.

The Twins added to this ignominious history on Friday night by breaking baseball’s record for most consecutive postseason losses. Their 10-4 loss to the New York Yankees extended their playoff losing streak to fourteen — eleven of them coming at the hands of their Bronx tormentors.

The Twins have not won a playoff game since taking the opener of the 2004 American League Division Series at Yankee Stadium. New York took the next three games to clinch that series."
That article was written before they lost game 2.  So now it's fifteen in a row - a record unlikely to ever be broken.

Addendum:  The Twins lost game 3.  So they now hold the all-time never-to-be-beaten world record of 16 playoff losses in a row.

Cartoon modified for the entertainment of my friends and family by altering the final speech bubble.  The original is at Real Life Adventures.


  1. Made me think of the night that Chuck Knoblauch returned to left field in the Metrodome as a Yankee...

    1. I certainly remember Knoblauch. When his career and his stats skyrocketed with the Twins, I actually bought a rookie-year baseball card of him from a co-worker, thinking it would be a valuable investment. I doubt it carries any significant premium these days.

  2. The Twins actually have a fairly decent chance to break their own record.

    Most likely, no team is going to catch them.

    1. To paraphrase John Kenneth Galbraith: "“If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular failure.”


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