20 October 2019

Divertimento #169

6 weeks since the last gif and video-fest.  Here's what I've found since then...

Wait for the very end on this one
Yet another example of a gas station credit-card skimmer
Mother and child narrowly escape death
Hotel laundry
Another danger of plastic
Where 26-year-olds live (fifty years of data)
Scaling an "impenetrable" border wall

Nature and Science
Earthquake in a liquor store
A cluster of Monarch butterflies
"Glass" amphipod
Cone jellyfish eats another cone jellyfish
Pearls being harvested

Woman rescues a dog
Dog plays Jenga 
How to pick up a snapping turtle
Dog takes in a chicken
The size of a wolf 

For the "idiots in cars" category (not a fatal crash)
Bridge collapse
Instructional video.  First you coat a balloon with chocolate...
Keep your seat belt fastened
Kids like this are why you pay so much for auto insurance
Getting rid of an ant or wasp nest in your yard

A dominoes variant
Excellent Halloween costume
The latest creation by Boston Dynamics
Industrial label-maker
Drone light show
"Alien abduction" Halloween costume
"Book fountain" would be good in front of a library
Rapid access tool
Every home needs a stump grinder
I want to learn how to do this
Dashcam footage is excellent for encouraging seat belt usage
Stonecutter never misses
Flexible armor 
Machine harvests carrots 

Sports and Athleticism
Children's relay race
This is apparently called an "elbow strike"
Catch a bass with your thumb

Puzzle box
Clever lip-sync of Bo Rhap (best comment: "this is why girls take so long to get ready"
Who will catch the bride's bouquet?
Sexuality education video
Babies don't like to have grass touch their feet
Fire fighters in the Amazon celebrate
Oktoberfest ride 
Prank to pull on a small child (wooden spoon would be better than a knife)
Children surprise a classmate

The embedded images come from a gallery at Amusing Planet illustrating the phenomenon of vivipary.
Fruits contain a hormone that prevents seeds from germinating. Once the fruit dies or the seeds are removed, the seeds are no longer exposed to these chemicals and can germinate freely. These hormones are necessary to allow the fruit to ripen and fall to the ground where conditions are more favorable for the young plant to survive. But sometimes that hormone runs out, and the seed starts germinating.


  1. those drones - a replacement for 4th of july fireworks?


  2. Stan, if you do learn how to do that hip little move with the bandana around the wrist, you'll post a video of it . . . right? :^D

    1. Not a video probably, but I would post instructions.


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