12 October 2019

I suppose we should place these spices on the left side of the kitchen cabinet...

The politics haven’t hurt Mr. Penzey’s business, he said, adding that he has lost some customers but gained some, too.  “If you are a company and you have values, now is the time to share them,” Mr. Penzey said. “Now is the time that it’s important to share them.”
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  1. Break the law, suffer the consequences. 45 has proven time and again that he has nothing but contempt for the law of the land. Now he's going to pay for it. Simple as that.

    1. The Democratic-majority House is making all sorts of bills and legislation. It's the Trump-toady-led Senate that is blocking everything from even being voted on. McConnell has allowed the Senate to do absolutely nothing except his only purpose--to pack as many conservative judges in the courts as possible, no matter how objectively terrible they are.

      So when you're pointing fingers at the government for not getting problems dealt with, look at the GOP. It is there the fault lies.

      Oh, and yes, BTW, getting a pathological liar, malignant narcissist, racist, bigoted white supremacist who has literally had babies torn from their mothers' arms (for the crime of seeking asylum, as is their LEGAL right) and then didn't bother to keep track of where they sent those children, who has sh*t on the Constitution from day 1 by with his Muslim bans, who tore up a treaty that was working perfectly to keep Iran from nuclear bombs out of a fit of pique, who pulled out of the Paris Accord because, IDK, he revels in the world being destroyed . . . yes, it is vital that such a person should be removed from office. Yes, a lifelong criminal who openly asks for foreign attacks on our voting systems (because he knows he's incapable of winning a fair election) and who bows and scrapes and fanboys to Putin (and any other dictator) while poisoning our relationship with our global allies -- yes, it's vital that such an abomination be removed. Because, during his brief reign of terror, Trump has created such destruction that our country may not recover from it for decades to come.

      Democratic candidates ARE working their tails off to beat Trump -- but that will mean nothing if Trump and his crime family and his dictator BFFs are allowed to complete their undermining of the rule of law and fair elections in our country.

    2. Since you appear to have deleted your original comment, I don't recall what issues you mentioned. Here is a list since Democrats had any power at all in the House. (Remember too, that the government was shut down by Trump for at least a month when they first got the majority.) https://www.vox.com/2019/5/24/18637163/trump-pelosi-democrats-bills-congress I'm not sure why you want to cite the period before they took the majority, when all of Congress was hog-tied by the Republicans though -- because mainly only Republican interests were served (with a few exceptions) such as taking health coverage away from millions, and giving billions of dollars to the 1% and some of the richest corporations on earth.

  2. The GOP has always claimed to be the Law & Order party (aside from the fact that they're also the party with, by far, the most government crimes and prison sentences: https://rantt.com/gop-admins-had-38-times-more-criminal-convictions-than-democrats-1961-2016) It's time for them to step up and prove that they're on the side of the law. Impeach, Indict, and Imprison Trump, his crime family, and his associated goons.

  3. Penzey's is the best. I'm glad that they're also on the correct side of humanity because it would really hurt to have to go back to supermarket spices.

  4. The cited quotation comes from the NYT, which has pretty good copyeditors. I suspect when they are referring to "Mr. Penzey's business" the apostrophe is appropriate. The rest of the article does go sans apostrophe.

  5. Love Penzey's spices and their politics. I'm lucky enough to have one of their stores about two miles from my house.


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