05 October 2019

Food served in a three-star Michelin restaurant

Served as shown, directly onto the diner's hand.

Did you ask the chef what is the advantage of eating food from the palm of your hand? Does it make tastier, does it enhance the flavor over serving it in a normal (warmed) plate? I would really like to know the logic behind the idea.... or the chef just goes after the primal in us... just to eat with our hands, and messier the better?

They have a philosophy in the degustation menu that they can make you feel that you are inside chef's painting or colour palette, and the different dishes you eat during the dinner represent the colours in the palette. The most vivid colours are more "explosive" dishes in terms of tastiness and more weird, and they ask to experiment with a few ones like this to eat directly from your hand like you are the painter and the colours are made by the chef. Difficult to explain, hope it made more sense.

Posted as an entry on the We Want Plates subreddit (which has a variety of interesting items).

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  1. This is just the culinary version of a "shock jock." THE SAME THING HAPPENS FOR FASHION AND ART....

    You will hear critics ooh and ahh over designs that the rest of us shake our head at. Same with art. Same with FOOD. If you are eating the hand-carved liver of a Patagonian goat, mixed with the bile of a Polar Bear, you and I may think it's horrible, but critics will act like their refined palates have tasted something incredible. It's the only way to explain fois gras and caviar. Seriously.

    To spit it out and say, "Yuck!" well, that would mean they have a "commoner's" unrefined take on food.

    It's another reason that movie critics so often are either dead right...or dead wrong. They have to get it right enough to keep a job...but wrong enough to maintain their "cred" with other critics.

    Same with music reviewers. They will take the great music offered by, say, Journey, and call it corporate rock, a sell-out, etc. Nope. Just great music. The problem is that too many people like it, therefore, it MUST be bad, since commoners couldn't possibly get it right in such large numbers.

    Yeah, I'm being facetious. But just a little bit.


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