04 October 2019

A pasta straw instead of a plastic straw

Now being marketed as an eco-friendly alternative:
Unlike paper straws, which get soggy quickly and can detract from the overall experience of your drink, this pasta straw will hold its strength and shape in cold drinks, as well as will not affect the taste of your drinks. Made with only 100% durum wheat semolina and pure water, its all-natural composition is suitable for vegans and does not require special composting equipment to dispose of. The pasta's thick walls will last for an hour in your cold beverages and its 1/4" diameter promotes easy sipping no matter the drink's consistency. For added benefit, their 9 1/2" length makes them long enough for your hi ball, collins, or milkshake glasses, but can be cut to any length to accommodate your rocks glasses. Get ahead of the trend and supply your restaurant, bar, or cafe with this eco-friendly straw and show your customers you're committed to protecting and preserving the environment.
Photo via the Europe subreddit.


  1. I think those are bucatini - linguini are a flattish, non-hollow shape.

    1. You are quite correct. I've amended the post accordingly. Thanx, Josh.

    2. Of course!

      Now I am wondering if there could also be a market for wheat-paste based cups and lids.

  2. I have used those and in general they work quite well. The ones I used were a bit narrower than a normal straw but worked fine for most things. Don't know about a milkshake or boba tea.

    Also, in regards to the wheat-based cups and lids: https://www.craftbeer.com/editors-picks/saltwater-brewery-creates-edible-six-pack-rings

  3. Rather than simply using discarded (inedible) wheat stems for use as "straw", (probably because they cost to little to make it worthwhile) instead mill the grain itself and form it into tubes of dry pasta. To make this extra effort worthwhile, be sure to eat them after use.

  4. I just don't get it. Why are plastic straws evil but the plastic cup she's holding is okay? The kerfuffle surrounding straws doesn't make any sense, all single use plastics should be replaced by something else. Honestly I would love to see us go back to using (and recycling!) glass. If we cut out most of our plastics I wonder how that will affect cancer rates?


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