15 February 2015

Siberian "farmyard rap"

Created as a parody of a popular Russian hip-hop artist:
Local comedian and Monty Python fan Ayal Adamov (nickname Urui Ayalaa) and his team Suus Bies Suus decided on some gentle mockery of videos eulogising money and luxurious life beyond the reach of most people.

In particular they poked fun at Timati and the song GQ by visiting the village of Namtsy, 83 km from regional capital Yakutsk, and made this epic video.

'Six months ago, I heard the song 'GQ' for the first time, and thought, why not make a parody,' he said.  'Now all the popular videos are about money, a sumptuous life. Everything is so pathetic and I thought - why not to tell about simple things like the khoton (a cowshed in Yakutia, the largest region in the Russian Federation, also known as the Sakha republic) - and manure. Why not?'
"My cowshed is always fresh!
The dung is everywhere
It attracts money and dirt
It fascinates girls with flavor
Hey, baby, let's drink kumys
Oh, it's very tasty..."


  1. Excellent stuff! Reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/v/oR18AKTDyhk?version=3&hl=en_GB%22%3E%3C/param%3E%3Cparam%20name=%22allowFullScreen%22%20value=%22true%22%3E%3C/param%3E%3Cparam%20name=%22allowscriptaccess%22%20value=%22always%22%3E%3C/param%3E%3Cembed%20src=%22//www.youtube.com/v/oR18AKTDyhk?ve

    1. Oh wow, that link looks far messier than I expected...

    2. This pruned link worked better for me -


  2. My speakers are out because there is something wrong with the port. I'll try it on my laptop.


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