20 February 2015

17 nude people

Body-painting artist Emma Hack piled 17 naked models up on the floor before arranging their arms, heads and legs into the shape of a small hatchback. She covered them in shades of blue, white, black and silver paint to highlight every detail, including the alloy wheels and number plate...and she even made it look like the car had been involved in a small shunt [?] by exposing the "engine" and leaving the front "bumper" hanging off. 
One of the photos at The Week in Pictures at The Telegraph.

Photo credit: MAC/Emma Hack/Jacqui Way/Solent

Addendum: Reposted from 2012 to add this "making of" video:


  1. Does the lower portion of the number plate read "SA-The Festival State"? If so, then it's an Australian car being depicted!

    1. She's from Adelaide, and I found this with a quick Google:

      "The work was created for South Australia's Motor Accident Commission, as part of a campaign to stop low-level speeding and help reduce the road toll."

  2. I hope this isn't being presented as real people, in spite of what is written in the description.


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