03 February 2015

Incredible short-handed hockey goal

Although not 197 feet, as the announcer miscalculated on the spot (understandable in the excitement of the moment).  Toronto did come back to win the game 3-1, btw.

1 comment:

  1. Holy Mackinaw!

    Love Joe Bowen (the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs) who is providing commentary in this clip.

    Oh Minnesotastan! Last night, the Leafs just tied their worst losing streak ever (10 straight losses), then I wake up to this video clip... : (

    One would have to be at least 48 years old to have been ALIVE last time the leafs won the cup, and, at least 55+ y.o. to have some scant, hazy memory of victory.


    This is a serious hockey town and the 10 losses mean a serious crisis for the city...I am not kidding.


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