22 August 2010

The world's largest smoke ring was blown by...

... the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.  An additional photo and explanation is at Discovery News.


  1. From left field ....

    When I was a small child in Texas I saw a diffuse parti-colored ring high in the northwest sky just after dark. This would have been in the mid-60's.

    I've always thought it was debris from a Nevada test thrown into the upper atmosphere being ionized.

    Does anyone else remember this?

  2. Anon, since it occurred "just after dark," I would bet you a nickel (but no more than that) that what you were seeing was a noctilucent cloud -



  3. Stan, could be, but as I recall it seemed to roll and changed color more rapidly than clouds.

    I have done a few searches in the past and turned up zilch on this.


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