31 August 2010


"Sally Davies has been photographing one McDonald's hamburger and fries every day for 137 days. They look basically exactly the same."

And certainly an element of simple desiccation in an environment of low humidity.

 Credit, via Good.


  1. Minnesotastan, I dunno.

    The top bun both moved to cover more of the burger and rotated to touch the fries. The char pattern on the patty changes, too.

  2. I gotta call shenanigans on this.

  3. I am the photographer of this burger project.
    The only things that have happened to this meal since I bought it, are: meat shrank as it dried out, and part of the top bun snapped off as it dried out. I have moved hte plate around several times in my small studio and the food as repositioned itself a small bit. thas all folks!
    you can see all the photos at


  4. @Anonymous Glad to hear it and to be able to see the full range of pictures.

  5. It is interesting that mold won't touch the stuff.

  6. I've heard the same thing about margarine -- that it can sit on a window ledge for a year and show no changes. Blechhh!

  7. I left a McDonald's burger on my shelf at work once, just to see how long it would last. It was still there three years later, and didn't look a bit different. The shocking thing is how many of my co-workers confessed to having thoughts of eating it at one point or another! We work a lot of late nights....

  8. It's real. I remember my old high school teacher doing this project.


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